ANGLIAN WATER First sale of a mobile SLG solution in England

After 4 months of successful testing in 2015, Orege is pleased to announce the sale of a mobile thickening SLG + Flosep solution to Anglian Water.

Orege has undertaken accelerated development in order to produce its “mobile” SLG + Flosep which is designed to condition and thicken liquid sludge up to 20 m3/h in order to limit the transportation of liquid sludge by Anglian Water.

The mobile SLG + Flosep sold to Anglian Water will operate in their Shop Window – a flagship for innovation and best practice in the water industry –centred around Newmarket, just north of Cambridge in the East of England. The project aims to reduce sludge tankering volumes by 50%, leading to potential financial saving, as well as reduced vehicle carbon emissions.

The newly configured mobile SLG is an extremely compact unit mounted on a small trailer (2m x 4m) which can be towed by a light vehicle and set up in less than 10 minutes.

This new range of SLG was designed to be able to respond to the specific characteristics of the British wastewater market which comprises many small sized treatment plants (6.400 stations < 1000 PE) and 12 sludge treatment centres.

This is therefore a first for Orege in several ways:

  • Confirmation of its commercial development within the British Market.
  • Successful development of a mobile SLG + Flosep thickening solution.

This contract heralds the beginning of a fruitful partnership with Anglian Water and opens up the possibility of Orège accompanying them on other sites.

For Orège, this solution will also open up other markets, such as the smaller treatment plants in the UK, Canada and the US.