Orège relies on the international market

Orège is relying on its SLG sludge treatment solution for its development. This choice was confirmed this summer with the announcement of several contracts in the United States and in Great-Britain.

The company, established in 2006, hopes to transform the sludge, considered up to now as a waste product, into a source of income. This hope relies on the potential of its SLG solution (solid, liquid, gas) to modify the viscosity, plasticity and elasticity of the sludge. This breakthrough technology is underpinned by 7 families of patents, registered in about 40 countries.

Marketed since 2015, after 5 years of R&D, 2 years of industrialization and several Awards and Distinctions, the SLG technology is the cornerstone of the solutions proposed by Orège to its customers for the treatment of its sludge, whether the wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) are small, medium or large. Three times less cumbersome than traditional equipment, the SLG can be installed in an existing process before the dewatering stage. It transforms the sludge by injecting it with some air into a small enclosure (60 l) at a high flow rate (between 20 and 30 m3/h) and at high speed (300 km/h). At the outlet, the sludge is odorless and its structure has been totally changed: it now floats on the water and releases its trapped water easily when it passes onto the dewatering equipment (a belt filter press), looking like a sponge as it is riddled with pores.

The advantages are numerous for the operator of the WWTP: Reduction of the volume of dewatered sludge (between 20 and 30%, therefore less disposal costs), savings on the polymer required for flocculation (between 20 and 30%) and on energy consumption and improvement of filtrate quality. The SLG also stands out for its very limited maintenance.

The SLG solution modifies the viscosity, the plasticity and the elasticity of the sludge, making it float on the effluent.

The SLG process is three times less cumbersome than traditional equipment.

“The Return on Investment is assured in less than 2 years”, certifies Pascal Gendrot, CEO and co-founder of Orège. The company is now targeting other applications for sludge pellets coming out of the dewatering plant. This is still in the R & D stage for valorization of the sludge, either through land application or incineration, as a replacement for fossil fuels.

To consolidate the development of these new solutions, Orège also intends to highlight and strengthen its portfolio of references, “which will rise to 25 units this summer”, considers Pascal Gendrot. Listed on the Euronext market, the company, with approximatively 60 staff, capitalizes essentially on overseas markets: the US, Canada, England, Germany and Japan. “France is a complicated market”, acknowledges the CEO. “Decisions are often long to come and funding difficult to gather.” “It is nonetheless a market that we want to enter within 3 years. We are already in discussions with 2 important WWTP operators for the treatment of digested sludge.”

In the targeted foreign markets, the trend is very different. Given its size, Orège needs quick decisions. In the US, the company already has 4 references, to which have been added on June 14th, one wastewater treatment plant of 1,3 million population equivalent of the Trinity River Authority of Texas (TRA) for an amount close to $400 000 (345 000€), and, on July 2nd, a site of Mullins Cheese Inc., a large cheese producer, in order to improve dewatering of its sludge in Mosinee, Wisconsin, for about $300 000 (257 000€). The company announces a potential of about fifty projects for more than $30 million. In the US, its subsidiary employs around ten people.

In Great Britain, Orège also has a subsidiary composed of 4 people. It announced on June 25th the sale of an integrated mobile SLG solution (+ Flosep) to Wessex Water for about £200 000 (227 000€), “an important step in the adoption of the SLG technology by a leading water company in the UK”, according to the company.

In Germany, the team should be established at the end of the year. It will gather 3 people. In Japan, a partnership was concluded with the environmental division of Hitochu, a conglomerate specialized in trading (Sogo-Sosha). Orège announces that a capital increase, the amount of which is not fixed, is being prepared in order to finance all of these projects. It could be done in two stages, the first one mobilizing the historical shareholders, Orège being a subsidiary of Eren Industries which holds 69% of the capital