Orege Successfully concludes Project with Gloucester County Utilities Authority in the USA exceeding the performance objectives

In July 2017*, Orege announced the sale of an SLG® solution for sludge conditioning upstream of dewatering at the Gloucester County Utilities Authority (GCUA) wastewater treatment plant in the State of New Jersey.

The sale, which accounts for nearly 300 K$ of the 2017 turnover, was conditional on meeting certain performance criteria and includes the first year of after sales services from Orege. The return on investment for GCUA should be around 3 years.

The SLG® solution was installed on the GCUA wastewater treatment plant in the autumn of 2017 and Orege quickly attained the performances exceeding the contractual obligations with an increase in the cake dryness of the dewatered sludge of more than 3%, a significant increase in the dewatering throughput and resulting in a sludge with better granularity.

Dave Hilbmann, Manager of Operations at GCUA stated: « Our need was two-fold. We were looking for a process that would not only provide us a drier sludge cake, but also impart a physical property to it which improved handling and management for a planned research project. Above all, it had to be reasonably priced and low cost to run. I believe we found the solution with the SLG®. The best part is it is also uncomplicated for our operators to run. The Orege representatives worked in concert with my staff to optimize the system and the results are impressive. The SLG® project has exceeded all of the established performance criteria. »

Orege was able to execute the project quickly due in large part to the very positive collaboration between the GCUA, its consulting engineer (Remington & Vernick Engineers), and Orege.

Pascal Gendrot, CEO of Orege, was delighted by the professionalism of the recently constituted team for the US market which was led by Kevin Dunlap, CEO of Orege North America. He said: « This first project in New Jersey is very promising. Partnering with GCUA was extremely rich and productive and we were able to produce and SLG® treated sludge with truly unique characteristics: porous, extremely granular, odourless and generating a high-quality filtrate. In the US market, where the constraints for landfilling and land application are more and more stringent, the different qualities obtained with SLG® treated sludge lead us to believe that there are numerous interesting opportunities, starting this year, with our partner GCUA. ».

About GCUA:

Gloucester County’s wastewater treatment plant, in the State of New Jersey, treats the wastewater of around 300 000 population equivalents.


About SLG®:

The SLG® (solid, liquid, gas) is an innovative technology for the conditioning and treatment of sludge which has received several awards since 2016: firstly, a distinction in the category of « breakthrough technology of the year » 2016 at the Global Water Intelligence awards, and in May 2017 in the UK, Orege received the prize for “most innovative technology“ at « Utility Week » in Birmingham for its SLG® technology.

Thanks to its patented SLG® technology, Orege offers to industrials, to operators or to municipals a more economic and better performing solution for the treatment and valorisation sludge. This solution helps our clients meet new regulatory and environmental requirements.

The SLG® significantly reduces the volume of sludge and dramatically changes the sludge’s physical-chemical characteristics and its rheology so enhancing its valorisation.

 About Orege:

Orege is an international business with two sites in France (Voisins-Le-Bretonneux, near Paris, and La Duranne in the PACA region in the south of France), one site in the USA (Atlanta) and one site in the UK (near Birmingham) and with clients in around ten countries.

Orege is listed on the Nyse – Euronext – Paris since

5 July 2013 (Nyse Euronext Paris – FR0010609206 OREGE).


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* 10 July 2017 press release: « Orege establishes a strong presence in the USA ».