Orege successfully deploys its high value-added project 
with the City of DeLand in Florida (USA)

Voisins-le-Bretonneux, 15 May 2018, 8:30am – Orege is pleased to announce the outstanding success achieved with its collaboration with the municipality of DeLand, meeting the client’s sludge conditioning goals. Orege intends to capitalize on this high-value-added project, which represents a showcase for SLG® solutions in Florida.

Three SLG® solutions were deployed upstream from three belt filter presses for the Wiley Nash Water Reclamation Facility at the end of 2017 and their formal acceptance was completed in March 2018.

The contract initially targeted a +3% increase in cake dryness, making it possible to reduce significantly the operating costs linked to sludge treatment and disposal (by nearly 30%).

Orege has been able to carry out this project successfully thanks in particular to its outstanding collaboration with DeLand’s teams.

“We understood from the beginning of the SLG® project that Orege was a fairly young company, but we felt the potential benefits of the SLG® Solution to DeLand and other municipalities in the region were worth the risk”, confirms Keith Riger, DeLand Public Services Director.

The main benefits of the implementation of these three SLG® solutions for the municipality of DeLand include:

  • Reducing sludge transport-related costs;
  • Reducing smells for the dewatering unit and treated sludge;
  • Producing a high-quality filtrate (water extracted from sludge after conditioning with SLG®);
  • Benefiting from a new sludge recovery channel with fertilizer for agriculture.

The results achieved with the SLG® solutions during their first two months in operation are in line with the targets set and this showcase for Orege has been visited a number of times during this period, which is expected to pave the way for new contracts to be signed in the region soon.

About SLG®

SLG® (solid, liquid, gas) is an innovative sludge conditioning treatment technology. It offers a cost-effective and high-performance solution for industrial firms, operators and municipalities by significantly reducing sludge volume and promoting sludge recovery by changing its physical, chemical and rheological characteristics.

Fully aligned with new regulatory and environmental requirements, the patented SLG® technology has received several international awards, including 2016 Breakthrough Technology of the Year at the Global Water Intelligence Awards and Most Innovative Technology at Birmingham Utility Week in 2017.

About Orege

Orege is an international cleantech firm specialized in the development, manufacturing and marketing of treatment solutions for municipal and industrial sludge and complex effluents. With bases in France, the US and the UK, Orege supports its clients in a dozen countries around the world.

Orege has been listed on the regulated market Euronext – Paris since 5 July 2013.
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