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  • The key stages of the sludge treatment line


Multiple sludge treatment applications

Orege solutions for all of your sludge treatment processes

Superior thickening SLG-F provides superior thickening of all municipal and many industrial sludges prior to dewatering, transportation or digestion.

  • Suitable for any municipal sludge type including waste activated, co-settled / mixed, digested, humus or P removal.

Boost your dewatering performance with the SLG conditioned solution to improve the performance and reduce the operation time of new or existing sludge dewatering equipment including belt filter presses and decanter centrifuges.

  • Increase cake dry solids, reduce polymer consumption, increase volumetric throughput, improve filtrate quality and sludge rheology.


Boost your anaerobic digestion process with SLG and SLG-F.

  • Improve sludge rheology, mixing of sludge, increase digester hydraulic retention time and boost biogas production.

Reduce odors & associated corrosion with SLG conditioned sludge.

  • Strip hydrogen sulphide and other harmful gases then direct it to further treatment to reduce odour and plant corrosion.

Improve cake drying process and energy recovery through SLG pellet production.

  • Reduce drying time due to increased sludge porosity
  • Reduced energy consumption per Tonne of water evaporated

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