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SLG solution

A revolution in conditioning municipal and industrial sludge

Unequalled economic and environmental performance

Thanks to the breakthrough technology SLG, sludge volumes are significantly reduced and the physical, chemical and rheological characteristics are modified:

The SLG is a patented breakthrough technology which greatly optimises conditioning of municipal and industrial sludge. It provides a solution which improves the overall performance of the sludge workshop, reduces sludge volumes and decreases operating costs of waste water treatment plants.
The SLG is a compact technology, which can easily be integrated with existing equipment on waste water treatment plants in order to achieve substantially better thickening and dewatering without disrupting operations.

  • Reductions of up to 60% in sludge volumes and corresponding treatment costs.
  • Significant sludge thickening.
  • Significant increase in cake dryness of dewatered sludge by between +3% and +8% depending on the configuration.
  • Sharp increase in the treatment rate of existing thickening or dewatering equipment by as much as +150%.
  • Immediate and long-lasting reduction of sludge odours.
  • Improved sludge quality and valorisation (composting and land spreading).
  • Reduced energy consumption of both the sludge workshop and the waste water treatment plant overall.
  • Reduced polymer consumption by up to 40%.
  • More efficient anaerobic digestion.
  • Very high quality of recovered water (filtrate): suspended matter < 100 mg/l.
  • Redox potential increased by at least + 100 mV.
  • Return on investment for the operator less than 3 years.

Orège is honoured for its SLG solution in the category « Breakthrough Water Technology Company of the Year 2016 » at the Global Water Intelligence Awards

The SLG is a compact unit which is easily integrated into existing thickening or dewatering processes, for example by positioning it upstream of static thickeners, drums, belt filter presses or centrifuges.

The flow rate of an SLG can be adapted to the client needs, from 5m3/h to 120 m3/h.

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