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Orège announces the sale of the first SLGF unit to Scottish Water

Scottish Water has purchased a fixed SLG and Flosep solution to help reduce carbon emissions and sludge transportation costs

Following a successful demonstration and hire period at Kirriemuir wastewater treatment plant, during which Scottish Water was able to observe the beneficial effect of SLG® and Flosep (“SLGF”) conditioning for thickening a variety of sludge types, Orège is pleased to announce that Scottish Water has purchased a first skid mounted SLGF for conditioning and thickening liquid sludge for delivery during Summer 2020.

Scottish Water provides drinking water and wastewater treatment services to 2.46 million households and 150,000 business customers in Scotland.

Scottish Water identified a number of sites to reduce the volume of liquid sludge being transported by road thereby reducing carbon emissions in line with their net zero emissions target by 2040, five years ahead of the UK national targets

Joanne Kay, Process Scientist for Scottish Water, commented “Our work at Kirriemuir clearly demonstrated the potential of SLGF to Scottish Water: allowing us to reduce tanker volumes by up to 70% is very compelling for any operation and is especially appealing to Scottish Water as we strive for sustainable reduction in our operational carbon footprint.”

“There are a number of cases where by using SLGF to condition sludge to improve the performance of existing assets, Scottish Water can significantly reduce operating costs and avoid investment in new assets and we look forward to exploring ways in which Scottish Water can bring these benefits to our customers as our relationship with Orège develops” said Joanne.

“This first order from Scottish Water represents another important step in the adoption of the SLGF technology for thickening by the major UK water companies following on from Anglian Water’s and Wessex Water’s purchases of mobile SLGF units“said Pascal Gendrot, CEO of Orège.