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OREGE announces the signature on June 12th 2020 of a strategic commercial partnership with the Alfa Laval group, a world leader for products and solutions to the wastewater treatment industry

Ore?ge and the Alfa Laval group signed a worldwide commercial partnership on June 12th 2020. This strategic partnership will allow Alfa Laval and Ore?ge to address the needs of municipal and industrial players in their ongoing quest for innovative solutions to enable them to reduce the operating costs of wastewater treatment plants while still achieving sustainability targets and the valorization of treated water and sludge.

Teams from Alfa Laval and Ore?ge will initially focus their marketing efforts in the United States for products combining Ore?ge’s conditioning solution (SLG) with Alfa Laval’s dewatering solutions (from the Ashbrook Simon-Hartley belt filter press range) for new-build, retrofit or expansion projects for wastewater treatment plants.

The Alfa Laval group is a Scandinavian group and a world leader delivering innovative solutions for heat transfer, centrifugal separation and fluid handling to its customers in the areas of Energy, Marine and Food & Water. This includes being a world leader for equipment and solutions for wastewater and sludge treatment with an installed base of several tens of thousands in over 100 countries throughout the world.

“I am very pleased to announce this partnership with Ore?ge. We will now be able to further improve our customers processes, which is beneficial both for their bottom line and the environment,” says Nish Patel, President of the Food & Water Division.

“I am delighted to announce this partnership which is strategic for Ore?ge: we are proud of the recognition for our innovative technologies from the Alfa Laval group, which is renowned worldwide and whose know-how, built up over more than a century, make it a key global player in the water sector. We are convinced that the implementation of this trade agreement will be a major turning point in the development of Ore?ge” says Pascal Gendrot, Ore?ge’s CEO.