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SLG-F Product

The SLG-F, an ingenious combination of the SLG conditioning solution and Orege proprietary FLOSEP sludge thickener

Unrivalled thickening performance with an unprecedented return on investment

The SLG-F product is a combination of the SLG conditioning solution and the Flosep, an Orege proprietary product for the separation and thickening of sludge.

The Flosep has been designed to benefit from the « SLG sludge » flotation effect for an effective and quick solid/liquid separation on a reduced footprint compared to conventional sludge thickening products

The SLG conditioning generates an emulsion which floats naturally, inducing a rapid separation of sludge and water. Polymer is added during the flocculation stage to stabilize and facilitate the water/sludge separation and a degassing stage evacuates excess air. The flocculated sludge is drained over a rotary screen resulting in rapid and improved thickening.


Main Advantages

  • Reduce thickened sludge volume
  • Reduce transport and disposal costs
  • Reduce carbon footprint and GHG emissions
  • Sludge product is pumpable even at 6-7% dry solids concentration
  • Improve filtrate quality
  • Reduce washwater requirement

Additional Benefits

  • Increase existing equipment treatment capacity
  • Reduce polymer consumption
  • Reduce odours and corrosive gas emissions
  • Low operator and maintenance requirement
  • Compact thickening solution
  • Reduce energy consumption

Sludge Recovery

  • Improve the agricultural recovery of sludge
  • Improve anaerobic digestion performance
  • Boost biogas production and improve digester hydraulic retention time
  • Improve overall plant performance

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