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    Responsible and committed
    to the environment


360 ° support in the ecological transition of our customers and partners

Did you know?

Water and sludge treatment plants are some of the biggest greenhouse gas emitters

Worldwide sludge volumes from sewage plants are increasing by around 5% annually

Up to half of the cost of sewage treatment can be attributed to sludge management and elimination
(source: Global Water Intelligence)


Sewage sludge management presents a major challenge economically and environmentally.

Orege supports its customers and partners with a global approach aimed at optimizing all stages from conditioning to sludge treatment, helping to make the sludge a product with high added value.

Orege patented solutions enable:

  • Reduction in the volume of sludge produced
  • Optimization of energy and agricultural recovery from sludge (anaerobic / biomethane digestion, production of pellets, spreading, composting).

The sludge conditioned by the SLG can very often become a “recoverable product” and no longer a waste.

To learn more, see Sustainable Development.