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    economic and environmental


Managing wastewater sludge is a major challenge in today’s society.

Up to 50% of wastewater treatment costs can go on managing and disposing of sludge (source: Global Water Intelligence). The main challenge for operators is to reduce the volume of sludge produced and to stabilise it, so that it can be properly stored and transported for agricultural reuse, landfill or incineration.

– Continuous global increase in the volume of sludge from water treatment plants of around 5% per year

Main challenges for water treatment plant operators:
– Improve the productivity of water treatment plants
– Concentrate sludge and reduce its volume
– Stabilise sludge
– Mitigate bad odours
– Dispose of pollutants
– Improve the consistency of sludge
– Optimise sludge reuse in all its forms

SLG®, a game-changer in the treatment and reuse of sludge

The sludge produced after conditioning by SLG is considered a “product” and is protected as such by specific patents.

The innovative solutions offered by Orège are a real alternative, as traditional waste treatment technologies have reached their technical limits, are too costly or cannot attain the required performance targets.