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  • Our contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development

Orege solutions are part of a Corporate Social Responsibility approach

Orege solutions significantly improve the performance in the stages of thickening, of anaerobic digestion and of dewatering and through to the drying of sludge from wastewater treatment plants.

The positive impacts on environmental and societal aspects are as follows:

Contribution to sustainable development goals

  • Reduction of the carbon footprint of the sludge sector
  • Preservation of terrestrial and aquatic environments
  • Facilitation of societal acceptance of the treatment and recovery of sludge
  • Optimization of renewable energy production
  • Preservation of resources and reduction of dependence on fossil fuels

Optimization of the operation of the sludge treatment system

  • Optimization of the treatment capacity of equipment
  • Reduction of time and associated costs for the operation of equipment
  • Reduction in the volume of sludge to be transported
  • Reduced consumption of reagents
  • Improvement of the rheological and physicochemical characteristics of sludge allowing an optimization of agricultural recovery
  • Improving the quality of and reusing the filtrate

Optimization of the recovery of the sludge produced

  • Agronomic and landscape development
  • Biogas / biomethane production
  • Co-incineration (substitution for fossil fuels)

Through its technologies and solutions, Orege contributes to the sustainable development goals established by the Member States of the United Nations.


In 2021, Orege is offering to assist
its customers in evaluating
the positive impact of SLG or SLG-F solutions on their CSR assessment.

A Socially Responsible Investment